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General Meeting

To sign up, just join the SPDX mailing list.  Meeting reminders and agenda general go out a day or two before meetings.

The standing agenda is as follows:

  1. Administrative Agenda: Attendance and Approve Minutes
  2. Technical Team Report
  3. Legal Team Report
  4. Business Team Report
  5. Cross Functional Issues

Lurkers are welcome in the General  Meeting. We encourage anyone who just wants to keep their fingers on the pulse of SPDX progress, to sign up and sit on on the meeting (first Thursday of each month at 11 eastern time). or read the minutes. It’s also a great opportunity for worker bees on one team to stay abreast of what the other teams are doing.

You can access more information about the General Team, including meeting minutes and teleconference numbers, by going to our wiki here: .

If you have any questions you can contact Phil Odence ( who chairs the group.