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Technical Team

Technical Team

The technical team has primary responsibility for drafting the specification and developing documentation, templates, samples and tools.

Interacting with the Technical Team and SPDX

There are many ways in which you can participate on the technical team and/or help spread the adoption of the SPDX. They include helping with the specification, helping to maintain the web pages you see here, getting involved in the tools development (as a developer or tester), helping with documentation, being a beta tester for new versions of the specification and tools or even just hanging out and listening to what's being said.

When communicating with others on the technical team or possibly others who are implementing SPDX here is some guidance. Our primary means of communication is through the technical team mailing list. This is followed by our weekly meetings. If you are a user of SPDX then you may wish to visit our IRC channel where we are trying to develop a community of users who are involved in implementing SPDX so they have an open forum in which to exchange thoughts and ideas.

Mailing List

The first thing you should do is join our mailing list. This is the primary form of communication that we use. There is really no formality to using the list so just speak up.

If you are a new user giving a short introduction of whom you are and what your interests are is always a good idea. Heck, you can even just say hello!

To join the mailing list, click here.

IRC Channel - #spdx

For questions and discussion between the meeting, there is the #spdx channel on Freenode.  It is useful for back and forth discussions and brainstorming, when email may not be appropriate. Conclusions should be documented on the email list though so we can share with the wider group.

For those without IRC direct access, this channel can also be accessed from the web at – put in #spdx as the channel you wish to join.

Bug Database and Outstanding Issues

You can access outstanding issues, bug reports or enter your own against the specification and/or tools here. You will need to create an account to access Bugzilla, the bug database.

Where We Work

You can access more information about the Technical Team, including meeting minutes, teleconference numbers and dates, and work in progress by going to our Wiki:

Technical Team Chairs