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System Package Data Exchange (SPDX®)

An open standard capable of representing systems with software components in as SBOMs (Software Bill of Materials) and other AI, data and security references supporting a range of risk management use cases.

The SPDX specification is a freely available international open standard (ISO/IEC 5692:2021).

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Areas of Interest

SPDX is organized in areas of interest or profiles focused on specific user needs.

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Latest SPDX News

Nov 6, 2023

Capturing Software Vulnerability Data in SPDX 3.0

The flexibility of SPDX 3.0 allows users to either link SBOMs to external security vulnerability data or to embed security vulnerability information in the SPDX 3.0 data format, thanks to support for a security-specific profile. This is different from SPDX version 2, which enabled users to link an SBOM to…

Oct 9, 2023

Understanding SPDX Profiles

On the surface, profiles are pretty straight forward - they are a way of organizing a specification that covers a broad array of use cases into “profiles” more specific to what a specific producer or consumer of SPDX data may be interested in. 

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