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The Core profile includes the definitions of classes properties and vocabularies usable by all SPDX profiles.  Although the classes, properties and vocabularies are somewhat extensive, the required fields are rather minimal to allow maximum flexibility while meeting minimum SBOM requirements.


All producers and consumers of Bills of Materials (both hardware and software).  The core profile may be of particular interest to developers of tools since they are common definitions used across all SPDX profiles.

Use Cases

The common use case for the core profile is to allow the consumer to understand and validate the creator(s) of the SPDX information.

Beyond the common use case, the core profile is not focused on any specific use cases rather providing a common “core” of classes, properties and vocabularies usable for all supported SPDX profiles.


Having a common core of classes, properties and vocabularies provides a common “language” for communicating Bill of Materials concepts between producer and consumers.  The core profile also eases the burden for developers of tools.

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