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Areas of Interest

SPDX is organized in areas of interest, or profiles, focused on specific user needs.

SPDX Security

The security profile captures security-related information in a SPDX Security Document.

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SPDX Licensing

The licensing profile includes capturing details relevant to software licensing.

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The AI profile is a documented list of software components and dependencies associated with an AI system.

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A document or representation that captures the relevant information about the datasets used in an AI system or application.

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SPDX Build

The build profile includes capturing details of software builds. Its associated definitions help express how software is generated and transformed.

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The SPDX Lite profile is designed to make it quick and easy to get started with a Software Bill of Materials in situations where a company may have limited capacity for introducing new items in their process.

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Supported by these foundations:


The Core profile includes the definitions of classes properties and vocabularies usable by all SPDX profiles.

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SPDX Software

The Software Profile is an extension of the core profile specific to software. Similar to core, it is used by all profiles which support software.

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