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Welcome to our community. We are happy for your participation!

Participation is open to anyone and at any level, even lurking. The SPDX community consists of individuals and companies who are producing and consuming SPDX documents, as well as those who contribute to the various outputs such as the SPDX specification, License List and so forth via one of the teams.

How we operate

There are three SPDX teams that work on different aspects of the SPDX project:

Each team has its own meetings and mailing list and in general there are conference calls at least bi-weekly with the technical team meeting every week. To learn more about each team or join the team mailing lists, go to their respective sections using the links above. There is also a General mailing list along with a monthly meeting for everyone in the SPDX community.

General SPDX Meetings and Mailing List

The purpose of the monthly General Meeting and mailing list is to report out on team activities. Sometimes the General Meeting includes a guest speaker from the community to talk about their use of SPDX or specific projects being worked on, such as GSoC.  It’s a great way to keep up with an overview of project progress, see what others are doing, and to share and ask questions.

You can subscribe to the general mailing list here. The General Meeting for all SPDX participants is held once a month. You are invited to join the call or review the meeting minutes here.