Outreach Team

Participation in the Outreach Team is open to anyone and we encourage you to join us. Our primary mission is to spread the word about SPDX and aid in its adoption.

Formally Known As

The Outreach team was formally known as the Business team, however the name was changed in June 2016 to better match our mission. You will still see some older uses of the name Business Team, especially on the wiki, as we work to clean that content up (or not).

Mailing List

The first thing you should do is to join the mailing list. The mail list is used by members of the Team to stay in touch, discuss ideas, and generally stay informed about topics of interest. After joining the mailing list feel free to introduce yourself on the list and if you are able, join us on one of our bi-weekly calls. We are not a formal group and welcome participation at any level.

Where we Work

You can access more information about the Outreach Team, including meeting minutes,  teleconference numbers and dates and work in progress by going to our wiki here:  http://wiki.spdx.org/ .

Business Team Chairs

  • Jack Manbeck, Business Team Co-lead