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The SPDX project encourages the development of tools that conform to the Specification and help consumers and producers of SPDX documents.

Below are a group of non-exhaustive links to SPDX tooling resources. If you’re aware of any open source or commercial tools not listed that can support SPDX, please submit an issue to the Outreach team GitHub repository.

Note: The SPDX group does not endorse or have a certification program for tool compliance at this time. However, we do encourage SPDX tooling providers to use the online validation tool to ensure they are generating valid SPDX and engage with the SPDX Implementers working group.

SPDX Online Tools

Free online tools that the SPDX tooling community has provided for validation, conversion, and comparison of SPDX.

Online Tools

Open Source Tools

Open source projects that are now producing, consuming and transforming SPDX.

OS Tools

Commercial Tools

Commercial tools that are now producing, consuming and transforming SPDX.

Commercial Tools

Community Supported Libraries

Library support for the Java, Python, and Go languages supported by the SPDX community.


Community Supported Build Tools

Build plugins for the Gradle and Maven package managers supported by the SPDX community.


SPDX adheres to the NTIA Tooling Taxonomy categorization of tools.