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SPDX Projects in Google Summer of Code 2023

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Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an international annual program, first held in 2005, that encourages and incentivizes newcomers to open source to spend their summer working on open source projects. It’s organized by Google with the goal of encouraging more participation in open source development.

Contributors submit proposals for projects that are related to the development of open source software. Organizations that manage these open source projects also apply to be part of GSoC, and then these organizations, once accepted by Google, mentor the contributors in participating in their software projects over the summer.

The contributors who are accepted into the program receive a stipend from Google, the amount of which varies depending on the country they live in. The program is typically three months long , is competitive and offers people a unique opportunity to engage with the global open source community and gain practical experience working in an open source software development project.

GSoC contributors receive an invaluable learning experience, an introduction to

the global FOSS community and something that potential employers love to see

on resumes!

Celebrating our Bright Contributors and Dedicated Mentors

We are thrilled to announce that three of the Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) projects have been selected for the esteemed Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2023. This achievement underlines the compelling nature of our projects and the vital work done by our contributors and mentors in the SPDX community. Let’s delve into the projects and celebrate the people who brought them to life.

First on the list is “Enhancing the SPDX License Submission Online Tool: Improving Streamlined License Compliance,” masterminded by our talented contributor, BassCoder2808. This project aims to further refine the ease and efficiency of license compliance using the SPDX License Submission Online Tool. Leading BassCoder2808 on this exciting journey are our dedicated mentors, Rohit Lodha and Jilayne Lovejoy, who have proven their expertise and commitment to the community time and time again.

Our second project, “SoftWare Heritage SPDX generation: Generate SPDX documents from Software Heritage Identifiers,” is carried out by the resourceful Harsh Vardhan Mahawar. This project focuses on generating SPDX documents from Software Heritage Identifiers, further extending the versatility of SPDX. Guiding Harsh through the project’s complexities is David Douard, from the Software Heritage project, along with Maximilian Huber from the SPDX project.

Last but not least, we have “Fixing manifest parsers for SBOM generator” by the innovative Rahul Tiwari. This project sets out to address manifest parser issues for the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) generator, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy. Nisha Kumar and Adolfo García Veytia our assigned mentors, are the guiding lights for Rahul as he navigates this intricate project.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our contributors—BassCoder2808, Harsh Vardhan Mahawar, and Rahul Tiwari—for their remarkable efforts in making these projects successful. We are certain your contributions will add immense value to the SPDX and the open source community.

A huge round of applause is in order for our mentors—Rohit, Jilayne, David, Max, Nisha, and Adolfo—for their unwavering support and guidance throughout these projects. Your leadership and dedication are truly appreciated.

Once again, congratulations to all our contributors and mentors. We look forward to watching these projects unfold and seeing their impact on our community. To greater heights and beyond!