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We have a new website!

By In the News

As you can see, the SPDX work group has launched a new website. Working with the Linux Foundation the group’s Outreach Team created the site with a new look and feel and sporting a new logo which aligns with the foundation’s other collaborative projects. The new site is designed to be very easy to navigate for experienced users and those just learning about SPDX as well. Large “How can we help?” buttons on the home page help one to navigate to the content most relevant to their needs.  The site retains all of the content of the previous site plus valuable new content including easy to read, HTML versions of the spec itself and How Tos for those wanted to get started using SPDX. This is the first major overhaul to the site since it was launched five years ago and represents a great step forward in making the SPDX standard accessible.

NPM and the License List

By Announcements

The site now:

  1. Displays links to license texts on, including for dual-license and other non-trivial SPDX expressions
  2. Displays a tiny green OSI logo (and obligatory registered-trademark symbol) for packages that offer at least one OSI-approved choice
  3. Displays license information only for packages in the registry that set `license` in `package.json` to a valid SPDX expression

To see it in action:

The NPM project uses the License List short identifier to describe the licensing of a Package.