License List v3.9 released

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The version 3.9 release of the license list is now tagged and live at

Along with the usual assortment of documentation updates and markup tweaks, this is the first release with the updated license inclusion principles.

16 new licenses and exceptions were added to the list:

More details can be found in the release notes at

Thank you to the license request submitters and participants in the SPDX Legal community who contributed to this release.

Automating Compliance

By Announcements

This talk was given at the Open Source Leadership Summit on March 7th, 2018 by Kate Stewart (SPDX Technical Team Lead), Greg Kroah-Hartman (Linux Kernel Developer), and  Philippe Ombredanne ( Maintainer).  It discusses efforts to help automate license identification, where open source tools are out and some of the challenges around this using the Linux Kernel as an example.

Link to the slides