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SPDX meeting at the Leadership Conference, 16 February 2017

By January 11, 2017No Comments

SPDX will be meeting at the Linux Foundation 2017 Leadership Summit, being held 14-16 Februrary 2017. Information on the summit including hotels, travel and so forth is located here: .

This is the proposed Agenda. It is subject to change as we work the final few details out. We are also looking into getting a web share and conference phone set up for those who would like to listen in and cant attend in person. More details to follow, but it would be on best effort case. If you need an invitation code to register, please contact Kate Stewart . We hope to see everyone there!

Februrary 16th (Proposed Agenda)

9am – 10am Jilayne Lovejoy – XML working session  (not on schedule). Will be summarized at the 12-12:30 session.

11am-12 pm Matt Germonprez – presenting survey results on use of SPDX.   UNO has been doing interviews with SPDX users will present the results of their research on what’s working, what’s not.   This is to set context for brainstorming on ways to help adoption of SPDX,  discuss the issues, and possible solutions

12- 12:30 pm Jilayne Lovejoy – Review of status of XML tooling for license list and discussion of next steps needed.

1:30-2pm Mark Gisi – License expression – Review of status, and overview of problems to be tackled in 2017.

2:00-3:00 Gary O’Neall – Git plugin tooling and other tool roadmaps  – Discuss scope of request to generate SPDX documents directly from GIT with a GIT plugin, which existing tools can be leveraged and plan

3:00-4:00 Yev Bronshteyn – Future File formats supported by SPDX.   Yev will provide some examples of different formats based on an updated set of SPDX tools (JSON, TURTLE, …).  This is to provide context for further discussions on this in 2017 and do some preliminary brainstorming on what will help the community.

4:00-5:00  Additional Topics.

Outside of meeting: Wiki team cleanup – Kate, Jack, Jilayne and Gary to do the cleanup – everyone welcome to join. Contact Jack, Kate, Gary or Jilayne