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Linux Kernel is using SPDX Identifiers

By In the News

“Observers of the kernel’s commit stream or mailing lists will have seen a certain amount of traffic referring to the addition of SPDX license identifiers to kernel source files. For many, this may be their first encounter with SPDX. But the SPDX effort has been going on for some years; this article describes SPDX, along with why and how the kernel community intends to use it. ”

For more see the article by Jonathan Corbet of LWN “SPDX Identifiers in the Kernel”.

SPDX meeting at the Leadership Conference, 16 February 2017

By In the News

SPDX will be meeting at the Linux Foundation 2017 Leadership Summit, being held 14-16 Februrary 2017. Information on the summit including hotels, travel and so forth is located here: .

This is the proposed Agenda. It is subject to change as we work the final few details out. We are also looking into getting a web share and conference phone set up for those who would like to listen in and cant attend in person. More details to follow, but it would be on best effort case. If you need an invitation code to register, please contact Kate Stewart . We hope to see everyone there!

Februrary 16th (Proposed Agenda)

9am – 10am Jilayne Lovejoy – XML working session  (not on schedule). Will be summarized at the 12-12:30 session.

11am-12 pm Matt Germonprez – presenting survey results on use of SPDX.   UNO has been doing interviews with SPDX users will present the results of their research on what’s working, what’s not.   This is to set context for brainstorming on ways to help adoption of SPDX,  discuss the issues, and possible solutions

12- 12:30 pm Jilayne Lovejoy – Review of status of XML tooling for license list and discussion of next steps needed.

1:30-2pm Mark Gisi – License expression – Review of status, and overview of problems to be tackled in 2017.

2:00-3:00 Gary O’Neall – Git plugin tooling and other tool roadmaps  – Discuss scope of request to generate SPDX documents directly from GIT with a GIT plugin, which existing tools can be leveraged and plan

3:00-4:00 Yev Bronshteyn – Future File formats supported by SPDX.   Yev will provide some examples of different formats based on an updated set of SPDX tools (JSON, TURTLE, …).  This is to provide context for further discussions on this in 2017 and do some preliminary brainstorming on what will help the community.

4:00-5:00  Additional Topics.

Outside of meeting: Wiki team cleanup – Kate, Jack, Jilayne and Gary to do the cleanup – everyone welcome to join. Contact Jack, Kate, Gary or Jilayne

SPDX Tools moving to GitHub

By In the News

On Jan. 29, we will be moving the primary repository for the SPDX tools and License List from over to  this change will allow us to take better advantage of many github collaboration tools and will reduce the effort in maintaining the SPDX tools.

This will not have any impact on how the binaries are downloaded (they are already hosted on

For some time, we have been mirroring the repositories from over to  If you are already using for read-only access the license list or tools source code, there will be no change.  If you are accessing, you should switch your repository access to prior to January 29th.  If you are a committer of code to one of the repositories on, please email with your github username and he will make sure you are setup for the transition.

Here are the fine detials:

If you are accessing for read access to the repository:

  • is already mirroring the repositories, so you can switch over to now.  It is recommended that you make the switch prior to the 29th.
  • The repository names are the same and everyone should have read access.
  • After January 29th, http access to will redirect to
  • After January 29th, non-http access to will no longer work (e.g. ssh)

If you are a committer to one of the repositories:

  • You should have already received an invitation to be a committer to the – if not, please email
  • Prior to January 29th, we will continue to commit to
  • After January 29th, all commits will be made to
  • Please avoid any commits on the day of January 29

SPDX Plugfest at LinuxCon Europe 6 October 2016

By In the News

The SPDX tech team will be hosting an SPDX Tools BakeOff at LinuxCon Europe on 6 October 2016.

Particpation can be remote by phone or in person. The Bake-off (aka Plugfest) will focus on comparing SPDX Documents generated with SPDX specification 2.1 featues along with any questions people may have.

For more information and how to partipate,  please read Background info for the SPDX 2.1 Bake-off in LinuxCon Europe.

If you have questions, please send email to

We could use your help

By In the News

These are critical areas where we could use help from the community right now:

  • Describing examples showing how to use  SPDX to document relationships. Work will be done on our wiki. Contact Kate Stewart
  • Contributors to help support the SPDX tools for tag:value format. Contact Gary O’Neall
  • Document how to certify you’re SPDX 2.1 Contact Kate Stewart
  • Document how to install the SPDX tools and set up a development environment as well. Contact Gary O’Neall

There is always lots to do, even if you dont have much time, so let us know if you would like to help on this or something else.